The officers and coordinators of Suffolk Coastal Constituency Labour Party (CLP) are elected each year by members at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The CLP’s Executive Committee (EC) handles the day-to-day running of the CLP and is made up of the ten officers with voting rights and one delegate from each of the CLP’s four branches. At least half of the fourteen EC members must be women.

The CLP also elects a number of coordinators for specific areas of work. These coordinators attend EC meetings and report on their work but they do not have voting rights.

Executive Committee roles (voting)
Paul Richards

The Chair provides leadership for the CLP. In CLP meetings the Chair makes sure business in conducted in a fair and open way so that all members have a stake in the direction of the CLP. The Chair works with other officers, especially the CLP Secretary, to put together a 12-month development plan setting out what the CLP needs to achieve over the coming year. The Chair also shares responsibility for the CLP's finances with the Treasurer.

Rosie Smithson

The Secretary is the CLP's main contact for members, the regional and national Labour Party, and the general public. Working closely with the Chair, the Secretary organises the CLP's meetings, produces all the paperwork, and makes sure members receive all the information they need to participate in the business of the CLP. The Secretary also handles most of the day-to-day admin that keeps the CLP running.

Steve McElvanney

The Treasurer shares the legal responsibility for the CLP’s finances with the Chair. The Treasurer must keep accurate financial records, produce an Annual Statement of Accounts, and keep track of all donations made to the CLP. The Treasurer is a statutory role under the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000.

Vice Chair
Sushila Zeitlyn

The Vice-Chair runs meetings on behalf of the Chair when the Chair is unable to attend.

Membership Officer

The main responsibilities of the Membership Officer are to retain existing members, recruit new members, and ensuring that members get as much as they possibly can out of their membership.

See also: My Labour

Policy Officer
Rosie Smithson

The Policy Officer's role is to offer members meaningful opportunities to play their part in developing Labour Party policies, and to help members learn about and engage with current Labour Party policy consultations. The Policy Officer is the CLP's main point of contact with Labour's Policy Development Team and regional National Policy Forum representatives.

See also: Labour's National Policy Forum

Women's Officer
Marti Lauret

The Women’s Officer is the key representative of women members on the executive of the CLP, and works to ensure that women are fully involved in the work of the local party, as well as taking a leading role in making sure that the campaigning work of the constituency reaches out and engages with women voters.

See also: Labour Women's Network

Equality & Diversity Officer

The CLP Equality & Diversity Officer is the key representative of disabled, BAME, and LGBT members within the CLP, and works to ensure that these members are fully involved in the work of the local party, as well as taking a leading role in making sure that the campaigning work of the constituency reaches out and engages with disabled, BAME, and LGBT voters.

See also: Disability Labour, BAME Labour, LGBT Labour

Trade Union Liaison Officer
David Rowe

The TULO officer's role is to strengthen the link with affiliated trade unions and to build these relationships in the CLP. This includes increasing union affiliations to the CLP, encouraging trade union membership among party members, and promote a greater understanding among Party members of the historic and unique link between the unions and the Labour Party.

See also: Affiliated Trade Unions

Youth Officer

The role of Youth Officer in the local Labour Party is more important than it’s ever been. Their job is to welcome young members into the CLP, help them feel engaged by putting on interesting events and socials, and turn them into active members who campaign for change in the community and to get Labour elected. Youth Officers are also responsible for making sure that the voices of young members are heard and respected within the CLP.

See also: Young Labour

Communications, Social Media & IT Officer

The Communications, Social Media & IT Officer ensures the CLP has a positive, informative and inclusive presence online, working to increase the profile of the CLP, election candidates, and their campaigns in local media, social media and the CLP's website. They also work to make sure the CLP is making full use of digital technology and Labour Party online platforms to engage with all of its members, supporters, and the public.

Branch delegates
Irene Robinson(Blyth Valley)
Ian Ilett (Leiston)
Sue Bale (Woodbridge)

Executive Committee roles (non-voting)
Campaign Coordinator

The Campaign Coordinator helps the CLP to campaign for change in local communities and to campaign to get Labour candidates elected. This involves putting together a campaign plan for forthcoming elections, motivating members, supporters and volunteers, and developing campaign capacity.

Political Education Coordinator

The role of the Political Education Coordinator is to help members engage with Labour Party policy, and ensure that the campaigning work of the constituency reaches out and informs the wider community about Labour’s message and the importance of participation in politics. Responsibilities include organising regular political educations events and discussions, securing guest speakers to help inform policy debate, and looking out for political education opportunities in the local community.

Community Involvement Coordinator

The Community Involvement Coordinator is the link between the CLP and the wider community. This involves identifying key issues in the constituency, working with community leaders and local people to develop and lead winnable campaigns, and helping the CLP to make a real difference to the lives of local people.

Environment Coordinator

Environmental issues need to underpin much of our CLP’s activities. In Suffolk Coastal particularly, the conflicts between energy developments and the environment are a source of huge local tensions. The Environment Coordinator helps organise political debate on important environmental and green issues, builds relationships with local campaign groups, and helps inform local party policy.

International Coordinator

The Labour Party is essentially internationalist in outlook and has a proud history of fostering links with organisations that campaign for the rights of oppressed peoples around the world. The International Co-ordinator works closely with the Political Education Co-ordinator to offer members opportunities for dynamic political discussions on issues of human rights, and political struggle around the world.

Fundraising Coordinator

The Fundraising Coordinator is responsible for ensuring the CLP has the funds to meet its financial commitments and support effective year-round campaigning. Key tasks include: helping the Treasurer to produce and deliver a fundraising plan, identifying new opportunities to boost revenue and achieve fundraising targets; and planning, promoting and delivering a wide variety of fundraising events, from quiz nights and coffee mornings to summer BBQs and annual dinners.

Contact Creator Local Administrator

The Contact Creator Local Administrator manages the CLP's access to the Labour Party's online campaigning database. This includes ensuring that electoral roll information is up to date, canvassing data is collected, and local campaigners get the voter information they need.

Minute Secretary

The Minute Secretary records the minutes of the CLP's all member meetings and meetings of the CLP's General Committee.

This page was last updated on Thu 07 Apr 2022
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